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Previous projects
In 1998- 2008 the team of NCP ICT in Azerbaijan took part and successfully implemented following ICT EC projects:

- STACCIS (Support for Telematics Applications Co-operation with the Commonwealth of Independent States) (1996 - 1999 y.);

- WISTCIS (New Methods of Working for Information Society Technologies Programme Promotion to Commonwealth of Independent States), 2001 - 2003 yy.

- TELESOL (Telework Solutions for Promotion of EC Cooperation in Business and Research with the Commonwealth of Independent States), 2002-2005 yy.

- TRISTAN-EAST (Training of Multipliers and Awareness Nurturing in the 3rd Countries of EAST Europe (NIS), 2003-2004 yy.

- IDEALIST-extend (Extension of idealist34 project (the partner search and NCP support network for participants in the IST Priority) to INCO Balkan and NIS countries), 2005-2006

- Idealist 7FP (continuation of Idealist project), 2006-2008dle templates freefilm online
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